Thursday, July 9, 2020

I am all you need

I am your dwelling place. I will protect that which I put in you. I am for you, not against you, I am the light of your salvation. I am with you to prosper you, give you hope and a future. Be strong and courageous. Wherever you go, I will lead you through the night hours. I am your shining light. You must seek me in all things, and I will guide you and direct for my sake. Listen to me in all I tell you, I will never leave you or forsake you. I am you're exceeding great reward.

Nothing can compare to my words. I in you, you in me. My words will not return void. Though a thousand shall rise up against you, I will stand for you, and no weapon formed against you will prevail. I am with you to encourage you, I cannot fail you. Remember what I said to you a long time ago, I will be with you wherever you go. Don't be afraid of the pestilence that flys by night. There's no need to be frightened. I am in you, my child. Write all I tell you to write, don't be afraid. Do you know how much I love you? Did you ever think about it, ponder it, dwell on it? If you ever thought about it, all the care of the world would pass away. You have to keep your eyes on me, don't look around, stay focused, keep alert, be vigilant, don't look back, look straight ahead. If a man looks back, he forgets to hold his hand to the plow. When I called you by name, I separated you for my purpose.

I am all you will ever need. I am your exceedingly great reward. I in you, you in me, and we will accomplish all I have said concerning you. Keep me and my words as the apple of your eye. Your future holds the dreams and purpose of my dear son, and they are right. I love you so pack up, get ready to move I am going with you be full of joy and peace no one can touch you or your anointing. I want to tell you about the great and mighty things to come. I have a great need on the earth, and I haven't found so great a faith to accomplish the things that concern me, something that overwhelms man. I look to and fro back and forth, searching for those whom I can use, vessels for my glory, but the earth is full of wickedness, and no one does well. Gross sin now covers the surface more rampant than ever, and my eyes can't behold it much longerThe end of all things is coming on the earth. I 've started the beginning of sorrows, and many will faint because of what they see. Destruction and filth are among the nations, and my eyes cannot behold it much longer. 

Hearts are waxing cold, and my servants are arising upon the earth. Where much sin abounds, so does my grace. I'm looking for a purified, tested people, ones in whom I can trust. I have put a winnowing fork in their hands, and the end of all things are here. Destruction, chaos, and fear everywhere. It must be a tested people, people who have gone through the fire and have come out not burned. They will be the ones I use in my end-time army, an army ready to march when the sound of the trumpet blows, to fight based on my command who will do all my will and won't pervert the way. 

Strong and mighty for pulling down of strongholds, a mighty fortress, a mighty warrior ready for battle. I will lead the way. I will go behind and before you. We must march together in unity, my beautiful bride. I will see your below light on the mountains and in the valley below. Great will be your strength, although few in number but mighty in battle. A little is better than a lot. I do my best work in the middle of the little. It has always been this way since the begging of time. I need a few willing hearts. Not many mighty, not may strong, I use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I am coming back soon, so keep your lanterns full; you can't look back. You must leave all behind. Not many are coming, people left behind, their fuel has run empty they forgot to draw nigh. Look up your redemption draws close my beautiful bride, and then you will find all I said was true; a beautiful crown awaits all of you, each one made in obedience to me. A crown of righteousness awaits you, so pick up your sword and follow hard after me.

The ready hand of a writer,
Cindy Riley

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Lonely, The sick, The Lost, The dying

"By all accounts, I should be dead. Well, I guess I already died. You see,  I have been born again. My death came at a great price. The blood was shed for you and me, if you could but just believe," Cindy.

When you except me as Lord and Savior, something beautiful happens. I give you a new heart, the old one dies, and yet you live. I call it the great exchange; a gift from me. You don't have to earn it, you can't buy it, I already paid for it at the cross at Calvary. You die, yet you live.  Everything passes away, behold I make everything new. New freedoms, a new law is written on your heart, set in my blood, engraved on your heart. You must decrease, I must increase. My life is living in you, I shall accomplish everything that needs to be done in your life. You just enter into my rest, trusting it is me working in you for My glory, honor, and praise. All that I do is to bring about my purpose on earth. Even when you don't understand what I am doing, it is best.

I have much work to do and I need laid down lovers to empty themselves so I can mold them, shape them for my use. I have instructed many of you to get your houses in order and I have become a stumbling block for many. They are attached to things instead of me. A rock of offense, I am always trying to get something to you, not take away from you. You look at things with earthly eyes and mine are from an eternal perspective that has a lasting eternal reward. If only my people would trust me, what I could accomplish on earth through you would astonish mankind. Not many will give me the time in the secret place. They go about their day being about their own business because they forget to get into unity with me. I ask for fellowship, loving, kind, giving fellowship, but all have gone astray. A few seekers left, a few sons that desire me fully above all else. That is what I desire most, time spent pursuing me. In the deepest heart, I dwell.


To be faithful is to adjust your mindset, to open up your heart and believe I am who I say I am. I can fill your heart to overflowing and out of it will pour living water on all those who thirst for truth. A human soul must let me reign. We then become one in unity, speaking and thinking the same. When I died on the cross it was so I could send you the Holy Spirit to live in you. It is so with you now in fullness. Down through the ages when a soul desires me to be a part of them, I don't come in with a dab, I come in a full measure. All of me or nothing at all. It is by faith we inherit the kingdom of God. Simply believe it is I living in thee.

Did I not speak through a donkey? How much more can I speak through a human vessel. I long to open many hearts to my faithfulness so I can do many mighty wonderful works through them. But, for a lack of belief, I cannot. I only ask that you believe. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, I can then do all things through Christ who strengthens you. I am able to part the Red Sea to cross over to dry ground. All things are possible to him that believes without wavering. Stand strong in faith, for I am faithful. I am able to close the mouth of the lion, to still the stormy sea, to stop the rain from falling, or flood the earth over. Is anything too hard for me?

If you will trust me with all your heart, I shall accomplish much through you. I will pour out heaven's riches and be a blessing for many. What I can get through you, I will get to you. You must empty a vessel of water before I can refill it. Be a vessel that seeks to be empty and you will never thirst, for I will pour in, in abundance. Open wide your mouth and I will speak through you so your joy may be full. So I say again unto you that you only need believe it is I living in thee and out of you shall flow many, mighty, wonderful works. Seek me with your whole heart and soul and you will find me. If you will abide in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. Faith is not something you do, it is something you are. The seed is in you. Let it grow to full maturity and many will eat of this fruit. And when you come home to heaven, you shall hear with your ears, "well done thou good and faithful servant, enter in for your work has been rewarded. You did not give up the good fight." Now is the time of true rest, everlasting rest that endures forever.

Become one with me and I will become one with you. I love you as you are.

Monday, June 23, 2014


I am light unto your feet, a weapon of love an arsenal of patience a direct deposit of grace, an overflow of my gifts to be brought to the body of Christ. A mighty force of power that will be unleashed. I decide who I will use for this end-time army. A force that will take over the enemy's ground. My army is marching to my command unobstructed by man. As I said in my word my life is manifested everywhere the souls of a Christian life moves on the earth. The inward man of beauty, a silent strength, a power source the world has never seen. A heart full of love can open doors to my kingdom that would otherwise be shut. My life is not for the perfect man but for the lowly, contrite in spirit, humility their guide. I will tear down the walls of oppression and kindle a fire of redemption. My harvesters are ready the threshing floor full. I am grafting into the vine all those who are mine. The wells of revival are coming your way a refreshing wind is blowing stirring the flame. The billows are blowing fanning the flame of revival. Get ready, get ready my army is marching at the sound of my command bringing in the precious fruit of revival. The vats are overflowing the blood of the Lamb, red rivers never seen before knocking at the door. Many will turn and run away, my life will be given to all who will stand. Open wide the gates heaven is opening its door, ringing a song throughout the land. A trumpet has been blown sounding an alarm praise' rs are praising pushing back the darkness and lifting up the lost. My kingdom is flowing over its banks the river is rising calling lost souls, a refreshing and purifying all who will drink. A few are not ready they have not heeded my call some will not listen, some will be lost. The gates have been opened heed the call. I am coming back soon for a spotless bride covered in my blood on the doorpost of your heart. No stain will remain you are covered in white, my name is written on your head a future so bright. Your name was written in the book of life a crown of glory awaits those who kept up the good fight. Heaven is waiting for the entrance of souls so the gate can be closed from those who choose to hate it is too late.  The latter rain came.                 {the ready hand of a writer}

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Intimacy is Power

June 19, 2014      Spending time with me will unleash a torrent of my love upon you and out into a lost and dying world. There is no short cut to my presence, time spent with me produces character and my life will manifest outward into the lives of all you encounter. Be about my Fathers business and He will be about yours. Power in, power out. I dwell among you so I can be lifted up and will manifest my Glory for all the hurting world to see. The time is short and my power is getting ready to be unleashed so the more time you spend in the Word and in Me the more I can do through you and my life will be brought out into others and they will ask you the reason for your hope and find peace, my peace is not of this world if it were I wouldn't have been crucified.  I will by no means leave you or forsake you, you are my bride and I love you with an everlasting love a love that will never end even though you parish you will rise into my arms and forever dwell with me in eternity. My arm is not shortened that it cannot save as a matter of fact I died so you can live with me. Where I go I want you with me so take up your cross and come find me, your loving King.